• Future Sensors
    Being on top of the latest sensor technology is our passion. Our technology allows you introduce new sensors at any time.
  • Light
    Photoelectric sensors allow you to monitor product exposure to light. Prevent product loss with light activated alerts.
  • Door Status
    Prevent unintended temperature changes and control your environment. Receive alerts if refrigeration unit doors are open.
  • Temperature
    Measure ambient & non-ambient temperature. Target specific items and substances to obtain their true temperature reading.
  • Motion
    Track motion and receive triggered alerts based on time ranges you set should motion be detected.
  • Moisture
    Measuring moisture using our technology is simple. It's perfect for food production companies to wood product manufacturers.
  • Vibrations
    Measure flex, touch, vibration and shock. Increase the life of electronic and electromechanical systems.
  • GPS
    Track location, speed, altitude and heading in real-time. See where your package has been, is now and where it's headed.
  • Security Cameras
    Access security camera feeds on the go. Combined with motion sensing technology to receive custom security alerts.