Place wireless sensors on all monitor points
(fryers, soup makers, ovens, cold storage units, pharmaceutical packages, etc).
Each sensor connects to the Internet through a controller mechanism. Data is sent to the controller mechanism.
The controller mechanism reads, stores & relays instructions transmitting the sensor data using: Bluetooth, WIFI, cellular, private network or satellite.
Zed Sensor receives the sensor data & displays the information on a password protected website.
Sensors are monitored continuously. You have 24/7 access to the data from anywhere in the world provided you have a web-enabled mobile device, laptop or tablet.
Sensor data below or above threshold settings trigger real time alerts to your mobile device, laptop, PC or tablet; via email, automated phone call or text. You're able to implement corrective measures without requiring back office support and become instantly compliant.
Our fully automated system creates easily accessible audit trails archiving all monitoring activity.