• Food Safety
    Zed Sensor offers you a turnkey solution to help you become fully compliant in your region: FDA (USA), HACCP (international), CFIA (Canada).
  • Workplace
    Improve workplace efficiency by monitoring crew resource management, remote environmental monitoring & machine to machine applications.
  • Food Production
    Monitor temperature and moisture as well as visual characteristics such as color and firmness to reduce waste due to cosmetic appearance.
  • Energy
    Monitor Oil / Gas Pipelines, electricity and municipal utility services with pinpoint accuracy from your back office system & communicate with workers in the field.
  • Custom Solutions
    Create your own custom solution to fit the needs of any industry by combining monitoring concepts already being used in our other industries.
  • Security
    Monitor and activate secure video feeds, track sensitive documents, lock and unlock trucks based on geolocation... Customize the solution to fit your security needs.
  • Pharma
    Zed Sensor monitors drug and vaccine exposure to light and temperatures to ensure that during storage and transport they remain within their threshold limits.
  • Manufacturing
    Zed Sensor can help you implement simple and affordable sensors to maximize productivity and minimize down time and production errors.
  • Transportation
    Track your fleet with pinpoint accuracy. monitor: Freight, travel conditions, driver activity and vehicle safety from anywhere in the world.