• User Friendly
    Your employees will enjoy using our software. It's intuitive, visual and easy to understand. Minimize time spent conducting line checks.
  • Secure Software
    You get peace of mind and confidence knowing your data is secure & your environment is safe.
  • Data Acquisition Tool
    Obtain relevant knowledge to help you plan more efficiently & become more Profitable & Competitive
  • Location Tracker
    Easy to track, clickable maps enable you to identify locations & include all pertinent data: Address, Phone Number, Store ID's...
  • 24 & 7 Temperature Monitoring
    You have continuous access to temperature data. Serve and deliver a better product. Have happier end users. Increase brand equity. Improve profitability.
  • Easy to Install
    Quick & easy to install hardware/software saves you time and money. Requires little training.
  • Size doesn't matter
    Whether you need just a few monitors or a large operation with multiple options, we can meet your needs.
  • Real-Time Temperature Monitoring
    Temperatures are monitored consistently. You're able to implement immediate corrective or preventative action & be compliant at the same time.
  • Audit Trails
    Avoid penalties and fines by creating easy-to-access Audit Trials and produce accurate records that can be organized according to your needs. (Day/Month/Year)
  • Easy to Use
    Minimal training is required to understand our software. Your staff will be more productive because they can spend less time monitoring. Reduce human error.
  • Exception Based Alerts
    You receive immediate triggered alerts. To any web enabled device via: email, text, or phone call. You choose the interval & method.
  • Branded & Customized
    Transfer the look & feel of your brand into the Zed Sensor environment. Consistent look & feel gives your employees a sense of familiarity & comfort.
  • Hassle Free User Admin
    Easy to use. No barriers to entry.
  • Compliance
    You become instantly compliant. Regulations are getting tougher (HACCP, FDA, CFIA) and penalties are getting stiffer. Avoid Penalties, Recalls, Shutdowns
  • Modular Design
    Zed Sensor can be merged with existing systems or become an independent turnkey solution.
  • Customizable Probe Icons
    You're in control. You can change probe icons on the fly using your own photos or upload images using your smartphone, tablet or laptop.
  • Durable & Dependable
    Avoid replacing regularly: Our software NEVER needs to be replaced and our/your hardware has a long battery life. You save money.
  • Remote Access
    You have access from your Smartphone, laptop, Tablet or PC. Conveniently eliminate the cost of travelling to each location in person.