Example 1 - Visualizing Anomalies:
PART 1: Imagine you operate 3 restaurants. One in New York, one in Paris and one in Toronto. ZED Sensor presents you with visual maps generated from the GPS built into the controller mechanism unit. In the example below the Toronto location is highlighted RED indicating that one of the sensors is detecting readings that are out of the safe range.
    Lat: 40.748287 | Lon: -73.985571
    Lat: 48.858271 | Lon: 2.294254
    Lat: 43.6439 | Lon: -79.388486
PART 2: Let's investigate and drill down into the sensor data that is being generated from the controller mechanism unit in Toronto. In the example below we can see that 3 assets are being monitored. The freezer is highlighted in RED indicating that the temperature is out of the safe range. An email or text message would be sent to the person assigned to monitor the device and the contact info for support is displayed on screen to expedite communication with the responsible party to rectify the anomaly as fast as possible.
    Safe Range: 1°C to 5°C
    Safe Range: -18°C to -23°C
    Contact Support:
    1 - PHONE - NUMBER
    Safe Range: 160°C to 180°C
Example 2 - Digital Line Checks:
Performing line checks has never been easier. ZED Sensor allows you to perform a line check form anywhere in the world using any internet connected device with a browser including desktop PCs, laptops, smartphones and tablets. Below are two line check items. Click on the green "Perform Line Check" buttons to record the current temperature. The line check list will automatically update itself. To download an excel file containing the line check data click on "Download Full Report".
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    Safe Range: 75°C to 85°C
    Safe Range: -30°C to -40°C
Example 3 - Mobile Quick Checks:
ZED Sensor creates printable QR codes that can be affixed to assets. When authorized users scan the QR code using their smartphone or tablet, sensor data can be quickly accessed and reviewed on the spot.
When a sensor is activated, ZED Sensor automatically generates a printable QR code that can be place on or near the associated asset. When an authorized user scans the QR code they can see near real-time sensor readings directly on their smartphone. Scan the QR code above to see a mobile quick check in action.